Lynn Grows

In 2005, The Food Project planted its first seeds in Lynn. Those seeds have since flourished—growing into a network of residents and community partners committed to building a stronger food system. Following on the heels of the successful Dudley Grows initiative, The Food Project began work on a similar, resident-led approach in Lynn in late 2016, now known as Lynn Grows.

Lynn Grows was born from a partnership with the Lynn Food and Fitness Alliance, and is made up of a steering committee of community members. The committee consists of 30 Lynn residents and city stakeholders—ranging from local food business owners, health care professionals, youth, government officials, senior service advocates, school leaders, and more—who have worked together to define a community vision and a set of priorities for a more equitable food system to take root in Lynn.

After conducting a large food assessment and series of community listening sessions, the Lynn Grows committee formed the following set of priorities:

  1.     School Food
  2.     Affordability of Food
  3.     Food Access
  4.     Food Education
  5.     Community Gardens
  6.     Local Food Business

Visit the Lynn Grows website for more information.