A Cookbook Created By
The 2021 North Shore Root Crew

Let’s Get Cooking!

Welcome! We are The Food Project’s North Shore Root Crew. Root Crew is a group of young people and adults working together to learn about, advocate for, and work towards an equitable and just food system in our local communities. We come from all over the North Shore and Greater Boston areas of Massachusetts, and we bring a wide range of experiences and opinions to the table. This cookbook was produced by the NS Academic YearRoot Crew, 2020-2021.

Who This Is For

This cookbook is a collection of recipes that are near and dear to our hearts. We highlight family recipes and dishes that remind us of childhood or highlight wonderful restaurants in the North Shore. This book is for anyone and everyone who’s interested in cooking, but it’s meant to be especially accessible for younger folks and beginners. Each section includes a difficulty level, so you can figure out what’s best for you to make before you commit to making it.


Our Hopes

We hope this cookbook teaches people to view food differently, and that folks will get to try new types of food and cooking techniques. We hope young people will become active leaders and we dream of a day when everyone can access fresh, local, healthy, affordable food.


Download Your Copy of Sprouting Chefs HERE!