About Our Farms

The Food Project creates personal and social change through sustainable agriculture and our farms are the platform for this work.  

Food to Thrive

Our farms serve as vehicles to discover new ways to build community-engaged food security solutions. We farm in a way that grows the best possible food, supports our community, and cultivates young leaders. We believe that every person has the right to food. To us, that means the ability to buy or grow the food that allows you to thrive.

The Food Project grows vegetables, herbs, flowers, and fruits on approximately 70 acres of urban and suburban farmland in Greater Boston and on the North Shore of Massachusetts. Each year, we work with 140 young people and thousands of volunteers to grow 200,000 pounds of produce. That produce is donated or distributed to SNAP/HIP-accessible farmers’ markets, through neighborhood stores, and to hunger relief organizations—to increase access to healthy, affordable food. We also offer a limited number of CSA farm shares from many of our farms.


The Food Project uses sustainable growing methods on all of our farms to preserve and enhance both the health of the environment and the individuals who work on the land. Although our farms are not certified organic, we use organic practices including avoiding chemical fertilizers and pesticides to grow healthy produce for local consumption.

Our farms