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Easter Egg Radishes
Easter Egg Radishes
At The Food Project, we believe that all people should have access to fresh, healthy, and affordable food. The Food Project grows over 250,000 pounds of produce annually that is distributed to people in communities in greater Boston and on the North Shore of eastern Massachusetts. Produce from The Food Project’s farms is available at farmers’ markets in Boston, Lynn, and Beverly, Mass. and through our community supported agriculture (CSA) programs. In addition, The Food Project's 2016 goal is to donate and distribute approximately 40 percent of our harvest to food-insecure communities.

All of The Food Project's vegetables, herbs, and flowers are grown using sustainable growing methods. Sustainable agriculture is the practice of growing food in a way that preserves and enhances the environment, provides economic opportunity and good health for individuals and communities, and connects people to the land around them. We do not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides and distribute our food only to local communities where we work.

The Food Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Tax ID: 04-3262532


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