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The Food Project Institute

Summer 2016 Institute 

August 3 - 5, 2016

Fee: $430

Greater Boston Area, MA  







Many people come to The Food Project during the summer and are inspired by the beautiful, healthy food, and highly motivated, diverse young people working with passion towards a common mission. In summer, more than 100 youth are hard at work on our farms and in our communities. Seed Crew youth are just beginning their journey at The Food Project, and are learning about farming in the city and suburbs.
They are also learning what it takes to produce food from seed to fork, what an equitable, local food system looks and how they can be a part of making change in their own communities. Root Crew youth who are continuing their time at The Food Project are powerful peer leaders who are deepening their farm skills through more intensive field work, running CSAs and markets, and leading community projects.

At the Summer Institute, you will experience:

  • Summer season planning and youth crew design
  • Working alongside youth and hearing about their work
  • What it takes to run dynamic farm operations with high school youth 
  • Engaged conversations with Food Project staff about every facet of the summer experience
  • The opportunity to network with and learn from Institute peers

And you will learn:

  • The foundations of youth development in the context of farming and community food justice initiatives
  • How to build a tiered youth development structure to support your work
  • How to mobilize and motivate teens to continue their work year-round 

For more information on the Summer Institute, please email [email protected] or call 781-259-8621 x29 to speak with Cindy Davenport, Director of Programming and Institutional Learning.

Click here to register for the Summer Institute.

Read what others have to say...

"The Food Project's Institute builds community among attendees from around the country," writes Lucy Sweeney about her experience at the Summer Institute. 

“The Food Project is one of the few organizations that I have seen where youth are respected, nurtured, educated and socialized in a way that benefits both them and all of us. There is no better model of youth and justice work that I have seen.”

“The Food Project Institute’s unique vision of our world’s youth has redefined the essence of community-based agriculture. Their mission-based programming embraces so many crucial components of local farming and actually puts them into practice. TFP is not only a program to model; it is a movement to follow.”

“Overall, the most valuable conference I have ever attended.”

“After spending three days at The Food Project’s Institute, I can’t stop thinking about or talking about The Food Project. If after three days I feel so positively affected, imagine change TFP does with others that they work with longer term. WOW!”

“The Food Project Institute was exactly what I needed to get my creative juices flowing around my fledgling ideas for a sustainable food project involving youth.”

The Food Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

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