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Identity Games

 The Food Project holds numerous workshops around identity.  Here are some of the activities that we use.  For more games that encourage exploration of identity issues, please see our book Growing Together.  For a PDF version of the following games, click here.

TITLE: Affirmation Cards

IMPACT: Brings closure to an event, gives time for reflection and sharing amongst group members, focuses on the positives and what each person has accomplished

RISK: Medium

GROUP SIZE: Unlimited

TIME REQUIRED: 30 minutes



  • Introduce this activity by asking the group what it means to be affirming.
  • Then tape a card on each participant's back, and give everyone something with which to write. 
  • Instruct the participants to walk around the room and write affirmative statements on each person's card. The statements (l) can be signed or anonymous; (2) should only be positive; and (3) should be specific about the person. Read more





TITLE:   Copy Cat, Copy Cat

IMPACT: Awareness of how people consciously follow or lead other people in their daily lives

RISK: Low to moderate

GROUP SIZE: 10 or more 

TIME REQUIRED: About 15 minutes



  • Start by telling the group that it’s probably been a long time since any of them has played Follow the Leader. This time everyone gets a chance to be leaders and followers.
  • Ask the group to form a circle. Tell the participants they each have to pick someone in the circle to be their leader but not to tell anyone who their leader is. Explain that the object of the activity is for them to mirror the pose their leader is in. Whenever their leader moves, they have to do the same thing. Ask them to try to watch their leaders without staring directly at them. That way, the leaders won’t know who’s following them. Read more


Diversity in Action, Project Adventure, used by permission.





TITLE: Veggie Basket

IMPACT: Ice breaker, to get people moving, have fun


GROUP SIZE: 7 or more

TIME REQUIRED: 10 minutes



  • Arrange seats in a circle, and have everyone sit down. The facilitator who has no chair stands in the middle. 
  • Ask group members to declare the type of vegetable they like best. It is fine for several people to like the same thing. 
  • Now the facilitator calls out one or more of the vegetables people have named as their favorites. When he has finished calling names, he says ”Switch”, and everyone who has chosen one of the named vegetables as their favorites must stand up, rush across the circle and sit in a new seat. Read more


Diversity in Action, Project Adventure, used by permission.

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