Spring Seedling Sale – Pickup Instructions

Boston | Lincoln | Lynn

Thank you for your cooperation with our COVID-19 safety measures and your support of The Food Project!

Please schedule a pickup time below based on the items you purchased. 
Be sure to read the special instructions specific to your pickup site. 

We look forward to seeing you!


Day: Saturday, May 8, 2021 (Rain or Shine)
Time: 10am – 3pm – Schedule Pickup Time Here
Location: 438 Dudley Street, Boston
Special Instructions:

  • Bring an 8.5″ x 11″ paper with your last name written clearly in large lettering.
  • Please stay in your car until otherwise indicated.
  • Maintain a safe distance from others at all times.

Please check in at the parking lot at the corner of Dudley Street and Langdon Street (see map below). Please be sure to arrive during your scheduled time. There will be a Food Project staff member to greet you and to help you park. Hold up the paper with your name so they know who you are. 

When your order is ready, a Food Project staff member will direct you to the greenhouse, where there will be two clearly marked parking spots. You will park in one spot and hold up the paper with your name. A staff person will put your items on a pallet next to your car (or bike or cart!). Please stay in your vehicle until the staff member indicates that all of your items are ready. At that point, the staff person will move back, and you can load the items. Please bring someone to help if you cannot do it yourself.

One of the pleasures of our annual City Farm Fest/Seedling Sale is to catch up. We love hearing everyone’s stories about how their gardens did the previous year. Unfortunately, to keep things flowing and prevent backlogs, we will encourage you to keep moving. We’ll look forward to catching up when social distancing is no longer necessary for the safety of our communities.



Day: Saturday, May 8 & Sunday May 9, 2021 (Rain or Shine)
Time: 10:00am – 3:00pm – Schedule Pickup Day/Time Here
Location: Baker Bridge Farm, Lincoln
Special Instructions: 

  • Please bring an 8.5″ X 11″ paper with your last name written clearly in large lettering. 
  • Please say in your car until otherwise indicated.
  • Please maintain a safe distance from others at all time. 
  • Please wear a mask. 

Use the main entrance off of Concord Road/Route 126 to enter The Food Project’s Baker Bridge farm. Follow signage to take the gravel road along the southwestern border of the farm. The road will take you back toward our two high tunnels and then curve to the right. Keep going. When you round the bend, you will see our greenhouse with a clearly marked traffic loop. Stay to the right to drive towards the train tracks, then curve to your left and drive alongside the greenhouse, facing back towards whence you came. 

Once at the greenhouse, park in the queuing line, if necessary, and wait for a bay to open up. We will have three pickup bays, each staffed by a farmer. Pull into the first available bay. Stay in your car. Hold up your name tag to the window. A farmer will fetch your order and place it on the table nearest you. Once you get the thumbs up, exit your vehicle and retrieve your seedlings from the table; please wait until the area is clear from staff and other customers before your retrieve your order. Follow the gravel road back out. Please drive slowly. 



Day: Saturday, May 22 & Sunday, May 23, 2021 (Rain or Shine)
Time: 11:00 – 3:00pm
Central Square, 20 Exchange St, Lynn
Special Instructions: 

  • Please wear a mask.
  • Please maintain a safe distance from others at all times.


Questions? Please email info@thefoodproject.org.