Dudley Greenhouse

In addition to farming outdoor land in the neighborhood on the West Cottage Street and Langdon Street Farms, since 2010, The Food Project has managed the lush 10,000-square-foot Dudley Greenhouse in partnership with the Greenhouse Advisory Committee, an elected body of neighborhood residents.

Each year, 200 neighborhood residents and community groups grow produce in the greenhouse for the benefit of the Dudley neighborhood. The Greenhouse Advisory Committee reviews applications each year for garden beds and seedling production space and decides how to allocate the available space for maximum community benefit.

The Dudley Greenhouse also serves as a resource center for thousands of home and community gardeners throughout the neighborhood. Gardeners come to the Greenhouse for high quality seedlings in the spring, for rich compost in the fall, and to share tips, ask questions, and celebrate the neighborhood’s rich food traditions all year long. Novice growers attend introductory gardening workshops offered throughout the spring and connect with veteran growers who share their expertise.

The Dudley Greenhouse is a one of a kind community resource that serves as a community growing space and a resource hub for neighborhood gardeners. Click for directions.

Want to use space in the Dudley Greenhouse? The Food Project and the Greenhouse Advisory Committee are currently accepting applications from organizations and individuals who want to work in partnership to create greenhouse projects. Click here for more information and to apply.