Build-a-Garden North Shore

At The Food Project, we believe that every person has a right to food. To us, this means the ability to buy or grow the food that allows everyone to thrive. We help realize this right by building gardens in community spaces in Lynn, and by supporting gardeners with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed.

The Food Project and the Lynn Food and Fitness Alliance collaborate with Lynn’s Parks and Recreation Department, to build community gardens that enhance food access while cultivating community.

How do I start a garden?
While The Food Project builds community gardens in the city, all new community gardens require advanced planning and approval through Lynn’s Parks & Recreation Commission. Check out the New Gardener Checklist to be sure that you have all met all of the requirements to apply. Applications and more information can be found online at the Parks & Recreation Commission website.

To learn how start your own community garden, visit the City’s Parks and Recreation Commission website or contact the Community Garden Network Coordinator, at or 781-691-5246.