Going into Seed Crew, Nahommy Agosto was not sure what to expect. She had only seen farms in pictures and wasn’t sure what the work would be like. Although she was tired and sore after the first few days, she soon found peace on the big, quiet Lincoln farm, and began to make bonds with the other members of her crew. 

Aside from learning about farming and vegetables, Nahommy said the workshops her crew leaders facilitated helped her to learn about food insecurity. “Coming from a home where I don’t have to worry about having food every day, it was a humbling experience to know that this is the type of reality that people face every single day,” she said. It was this new knowledge that inspired Nahommy to continue her journey at TFP as a Seed Crew peer leader, and in Root Crew, where she is also a peer leader. 

Through The Food Project, Nahommy said she has made a diverse group of friends that she would not necessarily have at school. She said she looks forward to coming to work with Root Crew every Saturday during the academic year. “I am validated and affirmed here,” she said. “I really like feeling that type of support.”

Nahommy said she was pretty shy when she first entered Seed Crew. But, through workshops that encouraged her to express her thoughts and the leadership positions she has held, she is now a confident speaker. Nahommy is serving as one of the youth members on TFP’s board. In her leadership roles, she has been able to get other shy crew members to speak up more. “It was really cool that I could be at the other end of the spectrum where I could be the one to help these people grow out of their comfort zones,” she said. “The most important thing I’ve learned a TFP is everyone as an opportunity to be a leader.”