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Why Eat Local?

Why Eat Local

Why Eat Local?


    * Local food tastes better! Local food can be shipped to you the same day it is picked, so it is fresh.

    * Local food is better for the environment! By eating local, you save your food from being transported to distribution centers, processors, and retailers far away.

    * Local food supports your community's economy! Buying local food supports local farms and keeps farms in your community.

Every day millions of Americans venture to their local grocery stores in hopes of procuring ingredients for breakfasts, dinners, and snacks. They turn over shiny green apples and squeeze ripe, red tomatoes. Rarely do they stop to ask how their food was produced. Whose hands touched their apples? Where was their carrot pulled from the ground? A local food system changes this because it gives people the opportunity to take an active role in the production of their food such programs as U-Pick or Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Local food systems keep farms in our neighborhoods and sustain the local economy by keeping funds generated from agriculture within the community. They also cut down on pollution by reducing gas emissions from transportation. Most importantly, local food just tastes better!


Eating local will put a face to your food. By supporting local endeavors like farms, CSA’s, and farm stands, you will know who produced your apple, your pepper, and your carrot. Eating local ensures a connection between the consumer and the product.


Help us promote local food through Eat In, Act Out week 

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