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Training and Consulting

Do you want to:

  • Build or stregthen your current work?
  • Bring The Food Project’s innovative models to your organization?
  • Start similar work in your community?
  • Learn how to foster youth-adult partnerships within your field?
  • Learn how to bring diverse groups together to do meaningful work?

We train and share best practices in:

  • Youth development
  • Youth adult partnerships
  • Youth empowerment, accountability and discipline
  • Curriculum development
  • Volunteer recruitment and management
  • Urban agriculture
  • Farm infrastructure
  • Mission-based management
  • Leadership development
  • Strategic planning
  • Developing a funding plan
  • Anti-oppression & social justice
  • Running a CSA
  • Developing farmers’ markets
  • Teambuilding activities

All of our trainings are tailored to meet you or your organization’s unique needs. We will engage with you and provide insight and practical solutions for your most pressing issues.

If you are interested in having us work with you to build your skills and realize your vision, please contact us for a half hour free consultation. The Food Project and can work with you to assess your needs.

email: [email protected]   
or call: 781-259-8621 x29

How to take advantage of this opportunity

  • Set up a free half-hour phone consultation.
  • Buy our books and manuals that explain and show the work.
  • Download our resource manuals to learn how TFP's programs work from the inside out.
  • Come to the Summer and Winter Institutes where we explore The Food Project model through first hand experiences.
  • Have a youth crew from The Food Project come to you and deliver youth-to-youth or youth-to-adult workshops on food systems, leadership, communication, and social change.

What our clients are saying

I wanted to take a moment to express heartfelt appreciation to you for making our time with the Food Project so useful. In addition to all the specific things we learned, which are many, it was truly inspiring for me to see how you all had managed to navigate building your organization.

We had a team meeting this morning and it was clear that we each came away with a huge amount of learning and inspiration to put it into action.

Neelam Sharma, Executive Director
Community Services Unlimited
South Central Los Angeles

Thank you for assisting Seeds of Change in the conceptualization and further refinement of our program. Your expertise in bringing together youth and adults from diverse backgrounds and helping them develop into a cohesive community has been invaluable. Our efforts have benefitted greatly from your ability to see the larger vision, while also attending to the specifics of developing a complex undertaking of this nature.

Mike Sobocinski, Founder and Director
Seeds of Change Anchorage AK

The Food Project is one of the few organizations that I have seen where youth are respected, nurtured, educated and socialized in a way that benefits both them and all of us. There is no better model of youth and justice work that I have seen.

The Food Project’s unique vision of our world’s youth has redefined the essence of community-based agriculture. Their mission-based programming embraces so many crucial components of local farming and actually puts them into practice. TFP is not only a program to model; it is a movement to follow.


Our clients

Chicago Botanical Gardens (Chicago, IL): Trained staff in using Straight Talk communication method and in 6 step recipe for effective youth development. Tailored the training to meet the needs of the organization based on their existing competencies.

California Center for Civic Participation (Sacramento, CA): Lead trainings in youth adult partnerships for organizations in 9 regions around the United States for Kellogg Food and Fitness Collaborative. With TFP youth, lead diversity trainings for this same group. Advised on conference planning and lead trainings on food systems. Provide ongoing support to nine communities in meaningful youth engagement strategies.

Grow Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, PA): Ran a full day training for year-round and seasonal staff to prepare for their summer program. Discussed key elements for successful training and development of teens on three different sites.

ABT Associates (Boston, MA): Hosted a webinar for youth-serving organizations in five states preparing to replicate their programs for at-risk youth. Trained them in key elements of successful replication models and discussed potential pitfalls of replication.

Boston Youth Environmental Network (Boston, MA): Hosted a training for staff from multiple environmental education sites in Boston. Discussed best practices in youth employment and training.

Mao Organic Farm (Wai‘anae, HI): Co-designed and ran a youth conference in Hawaii that served young people and staff from all the Hawaiian Islands. Presented training workshop for adult staff during the conference.

Community Services Unlimited (South Central Los Angeles, CA): Hosted executive and program staff for two day site visit at The Food Project. Worked with them on fundraising, management and program design. Ran dialogue sessions for them with TFP youth and staff.

Garden Raised Urban Bounty (Olympia, WA): Ran 3 day staff and board anti-oppression training focused on putting multiculturalism/equity at the center of strategic planning and deepening trust within the organization.

Full Circle (Cape Cod, MA): Conducted leadership development coaching and consulting on all aspects of a youth food project start up. Prepared document outlining stages of development for year one of the effort.

Seeds of Change (Anchorage, AK): Analyzed greenhouse design plans to insure there was a strong fit between program and production needs. Prepared document for local funders to frame the impact and resource requirements of a youth employment and training project.

Land's Sake (Weston, MA): Prepared program assessment and audit that outlined areas for growth and development over time. Worked with staff to surface programs with best mission fit.

Hyde Square Task Force (Jamaica Plain, MA): Trained program staff in using Straight Talk method to increase youth development impact. Revised their approach to accountability to increase consistency and high expectations. Served as ongoing trainer to increase skills of program staff.

The Food Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Tax ID: 04-3262532


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