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Harvesting Lettuce
Harvesting Lettuce
What We Do

Since 1991, The Food Project has built a national model of engaging young people in personal and social change through sustainable agriculture. Each year, we work with over a hundred teens and thousands of volunteers to farm on 37 acres in eastern Massachusetts in the towns and cities of Beverly, Boston, Ipswich, Lincoln and Lynn. We consider our hallmark to be our focus on identifying and transforming a new generation of leaders by placing teens in unusually responsible roles, with deeply meaningful work.

Food Production

Food from our farms is distributed through our Community Supported Agriculture programs, Farmers' Markets, and to hunger relief organizations. The young people working in our programs participate in all of these distribution streams, giving them valuable job experiences and a personal connection to our food system and issues of food justice.

The Food Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Tax ID: 04-3262532


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