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Executive Team

James Harrison Executive Director 781-259-8621 x19    
Lisa Jurras-Buchanan Director of Development 781-259-8621 x41    
Ross Condit Director of Marketing & Communications 781-259-8621 x30    
Cindy J. Davenport Director of Learning and Design 781-259-8621 x29    
Sutton Kiplinger Regional Director - Greater Boston 617-442-1322 x28    
John Wang Regional Director - North Shore 781-346-6726 x65    

Organizational Support

Lis Cahill Business Manager 781-259-8621 x18    
Amanda Chin Marketing and Communications Associate and Graphic Designer 781-259-8621 x26    
O. Dami Dada

Administrator - Youth Crews, Evaluation & Training

781-259-8621 x23    
Yun-Yun S. Li Organizational Learning Fellow 781-259-8621 x71    
Sara MacKenzie Annual Giving and Database Manager 781-259-8621 x38    
Safeeyah Quereshi Assistant Grant Writer 781-259-8621 x27    
Dean Redfearn Grants Manager 781-259-8621 x15    
Bob Roberson Accountant 781-259-8621 x20    
Lucy Sweeney Associate Director of Development 781-259-8621 x31    
Sarah Wiggins Events & Volunteer Coordinator 781-259-8621 x54    

Greater Boston Team

Danielle Andrews Dudley Farm Manager 617-442-1322 x13    
Angel Araiza Youth Development Specialist - Seed Crew & Dirt Crew 617-442-1322 x55    
Madison Beehler Operations Specialist      
Mukaji Diazabakana Dudley Assistant Grower      
Em Jimenez FoodCorps Service Member  617-373-0219    
Angela Klempner Greater Boston CSA Manager 781-996-8562    
Chavella Lee Youth Development Specialist - Root Crew 617-442-1322 x22    
Jess Liborio Programs & Community Outreach Manager 617-442-1322 x12    
Brendan Murtha Lincoln Field Manager 781-996-8358    
Alex Pogany Lincoln Farm Manager 781-996-8311    

North Shore Team

Olivia Boggiano-Peterson Volunteer Outreach Coordinator 781-346-6726 x90    
Emely Y. Cabrera Soto FoodCorps Service Member 401-556-5969    
Manny Encarnacion Youth Development Specialist - Root Crew 781-346-6726 x57    
Hazel Kiefer Lynn Urban Agriculture Manager 781-346-6726 x44    
Miranda Lachman FoodCorps Service Member 917-558-0815    
Ludia Modi Youth Development Specialist - Seed Crew & Dirt Crew

781-259-8621 x81

Susan Wood Assistant Grower 978-886-2394    
Miriam Stason Beverly & Wenham Farm Manager 781-346-6726 x51    


The Food Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Tax ID: 04-3262532


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