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Root Crew

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Youth Washing Peppers
Youth Washing Peppers
Root Crew, formerly known as Interns or the Internship Program, is a yearlong, capstone experience for youth, in which youth take on increasingly responsible roles in our urban and suburban farms and markets, and opportunities to lead community dialogue around food system change and social justice.


Root Crew members partner closely with staff and enhance The Food Project’s mission in nearly all areas of our work. Root Crew members apply the knowledge and skills acquired during their time with The Food Project to make an impact on their communities by taking on projects that address sustainable agriculture and food insecurity.

During the academic year, Root Crew members work to develop skills in teaching and facilitating in order to mobilize community members around food justice and food systems change. They deliver workshops to partner organizations and their fellow youth in the Dirt Crew that address the causes and social impacts of food access inequity. They lead volunteer groups on our urban and suburban farms. They build raised-bed gardens for families in low-income communities. They cultivate crops in the Dudley Greenhouse and market those crops to local restaurants to support the community-based activities that take place in the greenhouse.

During the summer, Root Crew members continue to practice their skills in teaching and facilitating while also specializing their expertise in sustainable agriculture. Root Crew members run farmers’ markets, manage farm share distribution and drop-off points, work in the fields, and serve as peer leaders by helping to support and educate youth in the Seed Crew. 

By deepening their involvement with The Food Project, Root Crew members become an integral part of the workings of the organization. They both support The Food Project’s capacity to run our programs and extend our impact through the work they do within their communities and through participation at national conferences. Root Crew members build job-readiness skills, develop leadership and facilitation skills, enhance their knowledge of and skills in farming and food justice issues, and contribute meaningfully to the organization.


Food for Thought and Action

Youth-led food systems and food justice workshops.


For more information about Root Crew, please email [email protected]

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