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Sarah Michelson

When Sarah Michelson began The Food Project's Summer Youth Program in 2003, she was excited to contribute to TFP’s efforts to grow and donate food to shelters in urban areas of Boston. She was interested in resource allocation and "the charity aspect," as she puts it. What she found when she got there, though, was that and much more. She loved learning to grow food and growing closer to nature. Even more, she was enthralled by the new types of dialogue that she engaged in with peers and adults at TFP. At The Food Project, she says, we had "really frank conversations about things like race and class with a really diverse group of people... I had never had that before."

Sarah continued to work for The Food Project during the 2003-04 school year as a member of D.I.R.T. Crew (Dynamic, Intelligent, Responsible Teenagers). She later worked as a youth intern. As an intern, she tested neighborhood soil for lead in TFP's urban education and outreach program, led volunteers in the Serve & Grow program, and connected food and farming organizations around the country through the BLAST program. Later, Sarah travelled to conferences to represent TFP, including the NOFA conference in Worcester, Mass., and the Bioneers conference in Oakland, Ca. The Food Project was Sarah's first paying job. "I was kind of spoiled about how fun and satisfying it was," she reflects.

After she graduated from high school, Sarah attended Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio, where she pursued third world studies. After her first year, she took a semester off to return to Boston, where she worked as a waitress and worked at immigrants' rights and workers' rights organizations. Upon her return to Oberlin, she decided to begin studying dance. She was drawn to dance, she says, because it was joyful, fun, and happy. "In my career," she notes, "[I want] to figure out the balance of something that is expressive, fun, and happy, and also taking on the big issues of the world that I think someone's got to take on." Sarah graduated in 2011 with a bachelor's degree in history and a minor in dance.

After graduation, Sarah decided to return to New England, and moved to Jamaica Plain, Mass., where she began a year of AmeriCorps serving at the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center. At the health center, she organized health classes for families - including toddlers, elementary schoolers, and parents - who were at risk for obesity. She now hopes to pursue a career in social justice, and is particularly interested in exploring justice through the lens of documentary audio. Looking back, she says, The Food Project gave her a supportive community to develop these ideas during her teen years. TFP gave her both energy and inspiration to bring to her life's work, whether that be leading dance lessons or supporting social movements.

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