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Reflections from a Seed Crew Summer

This summer I worked in The Food Projects Seed Crew. It was a great learning experience and it opened my eyes to world issues that I had never considered before. Over the course of the 6 weeks, youth worked together to harvest crops that go to local markets and hunger relief organizations. Our main goal is to create equal access to healthy foods because we realize that healthy food isn't always an option for everyone. Many cities have ‘food deserts’ where it is nearly impossible to find fresh produce. This is one reason why I particularly enjoyed the urban farm in Dorchester. The neighbors were happy to have access to fresh vegetables. 
Another aspect I really appreciated about the experience was the mix of people that I had the chance to work with. The Food Project always created a safe environment, so it was interesting to hear people share their stories and talk about their backgrounds. Lastly, I learned a lot about myself. This summer was especially hot, buggy, and the farm work was physically demanding. Even under these conditions, I learned that I still enjoy being outdoors; I learned that I enjoy meeting new and different people; I learned how to take public transportation with ease. And the entire experience reinforced my beliefs, that people can generally get along if everyone is treated with fairness and compassion. We actually had a really great summer! - Gabby M., 15, Lincoln