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It's Time to Fund the Massachusetts Food Trust! Take Action TODAY

On April 13th, The House Ways & Means Committee released its draft budget yesterday afternoon and it did not include funding for the Massachusetts Food Trust Program. That doesn’t mean we can’t get funding.  Representative Dan Donahue is filing an Amendment to include funding for the MA Food Trust in the budget, we need you to contact your Representative(s) and ask them to join Rep. Donahue in co-sponsoring this amendment.

We need your help TODAY! Here’s what you can do:
1. Contact YOUR Representative by email or phone (or both!) before 1:30pm on Friday April 15th, and ask them to please co-sponsor Rep. Donahue’s amendment to dedicate $500,000 for the Massachusetts Food Trust Program within the MA Office of Business Development (7007-0300).

a. You can tell YOUR Rep that they can co-sponsor by contacting Carolyn Cismondi in Rep. Donahue’s office at extension 7783, or by email at [email protected].

***Remember: You will probably talk to YOUR Rep’s staff, that’s ok! They will pass your message on to their boss, and the staff of YOUR Representative can contact Carolyn to sign your Rep on in support of the Amendment.

2. What you’ll find attached to this Blog post:

3. Spread the word by forwarding a link to this page!

Share Some Examples with Your Representative:

Examples of projects in your community that could benefit from Massachusetts Food Trust funding include many of the things The Food Project has been working on such as corner stores in the Dudley St. neighborhood of Dorchester, mobile markets in Lynn Housing Authority and Neighborhood Development sites, raised bed garden and community farming initiatives in Boston and Lynn, and farmers markets in Boston and Lynn. Other things like distribution centers, and community kitchens are great examples too!