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Closing Activities

We frequently use closing games to end workshops, process information, appreciate team members, debrief emotional activities, or end a meeting on a positive note.  For more ideas on closing activities, please see our book Growing Together.  For a PDF version of the following games, click here.

TITLE: 4-3-2-1 Goodbye

IMPACT: Closes an experience and brings the group together


GROUP SIZE: Any size

TIME REQUIRED: 5 minutes



  • Teach the group the following beat/pattern:  

Clap 4 times, pause, clap 3 times, pause, clap twice, pause, and finally clap once.





  • Then stand in a circle; and all at once, perfectly together and in rhythm, clap together. It is a loud and powerful beat when done correctly.  Read more





TITLE: I Feel…

IMPACT: Facilitates sharing, connecting, and self-expression between group members; provides closure for emotional activities or experiences

RISK: Medium

GROUP SIZE: Any size

TIME REQUIRED: 5 minutes



  • Pair the group off in twos, and have them stand facing each other, making eye contact and staying connected. Pairs should not stand too close to one another.
  • One member of the pair (Person A) begins by saying very simply “I feel _____.” Person A should say honestly how s/he feels (“I feel confused,” “I feel powerful,” “ I feel better than I did before”) to the other person. 
  • Then Person B responds by saying one way s/he feels.  Read more





TITLE: I Take . . .

IMPACT: Encourages participants to acknowledge the impact other group members have had on them; offers bonding and closure as the group reflects on its shared experience

RISK: Medium

GROUP SIZE: Any size

TIME REQUIRED: 15 minutes



  • Have program participants sit in a circle. Each person in the circle will tell each individual what s/he will take from that person and bring with him or her into the future, and then continue on around the circle until they finish. Then someone else in the circle starts.  Read more


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