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The Power of Food

The story behind the story, "Momos remind them of home" in The Boston Globe is one of youth, food and community. 

For Clara Silverstein the most compelling part of attending Farmers, Fables and Feasts with Ruth Heespelink in May was Gaurav Dangol’s presentation. Gaurav, one of the youth speakers, shared how some of the fresh vegetables he harvested at The Food Project made their way into his mother’s momos and that eating them helped him make the transition from Nepal to the U.S. Clara, a freelance food writer and cookbook author, took the idea to The Boston Globe and received an assignment for a feature story for the food page.  

On June 5 Clara and Joanne Rathe, The Boston Globe’s assistant chief photographer, visited with Gaurav and his mother, Krishna Maharjan, and watched as they made momos. Later they had the opportunity to enjoy a delicious sampling of the dumplings.

Captions: top photo; The photograher and writer watch as Gaurav and his mother make the dumplings.

Bottom photo: the author, Clara, Gaurav and his mother Krishna  proudly display the  dish of the delicious momos.



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