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MLK Day of Service - an incredible experience for Root Crew

On Monday, January 19, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, The Food Projects’ Root Crew youth from the North Shore participated in the MLK Day of Service at Northeastern University. Three youth write about their experience.


Maddie M. "This was my second year at the MLK day event, and it was somehow even better than it was the year before. We got to meet some really great students from Northeastern while we were doing our service projects.  The first thing we got to do was paint covers of books on a canvas. Walking to my table I passed by some of my favorite children's books including Dr.Seuss's “Oh the places you’ll go!” and  Crockett Johnson's “Harold and the Purple Crayon.” I sat down with Stan Berenstain’s “The Berenstain Bears,” and we were given paints, brushes, water, and a color copy of the book cover.  In the process of painting, one woman told us how these book paintings would be placed in libraries and public places all around Boston where children could view them.
     Subsequent to painting we made thank you cards for volunteers with JumpStart. We were again given art supplies, and this time a bit more freedom for creativity. I had so much fun making the cards and everyone around me was laughing and looking for more glitter (later finding there actually was not any) and we made some beautiful cards for the organization.
There was a lunch break, then off to a workshop that The Food Project was leading. The Root Crew presented Food For Thought (FFT), which is our introduction to the food system and food justice. I facilitated the section on migrant workers, in which we follow the victories and challenges of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers. I was feeling a bit nervous and was anxiously studying my script as other peers were presenting. As I started to present with my friend Elizabeth, I was feeling very excited and wanted to liven up the group, so I tried to put my nervousness behind me. It went smoothly, and next thing I knew Elizabeth and I had just taught everyone about farmworkers’ rights.  The MLK Day of Service at Northeastern University was amazing; I had a lot of fun and it was an incredible experience to have taken part in."

David G. "Throughout the various workshops on  the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service at Northeastern University, we participated in many activities regarding intercultural cooperation and understanding. We also facilitated a Cultural Sharing workshop, which put cultural differences into its true perspective. This workshop allowed the participants to share their differences and similarities in an open and free environment. There were a vast multitude of people present during the workshops, ranging from various ages, backgrounds, and  heritages. I learned that I had much in common with complete strangers, from my background to my interests and various cultural similarities."

Sasha M. "Last Monday on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, we participated in the MLK day of service at Northeastern University. We went to several different workshops throughout the day, in which we were indirectly helping others in and around the Boston community. We were mostly doing hands on crafts and I personally liked painting and creating thank you cards for people because it was a good change since I’m used to directly helping people through hunger relief organizations.  Although I liked the crafts part of the day, the cultural sharing Food For Thought workshop that we did in the afternoon was more impactful to me. When I heard about all these different lives, it helped diminish all of the stereotypes I had. I also liked hearing different perspectives from people who are older than me, because they have had more experience going through life and they had a lot to say. Overall, I thought the MLK day was a great experience and I would love to do it again next year!"

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