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2nd Annual “Jazz Under Glass” is About Community

On Sunday, June 8, in the heart of Boston, the Dudley Greenhouse hummed and swayed to the sounds of a community that’s alive.

It was “Jazz Under Glass,” a fundraiser and community celebration in its second year at the Greenhouse. Upfront, the Fulani Hayes & The Jazz Collaborative played. In the back, hothouse tomatoes reached six feet high. Young children under the age of 10 were everywhere, and a few of them had walked to the Greenhouse on their own.

Residents and outsiders came to support the Greenhouse and for the food—an all-vegan display of cooking with fresh produce and herbs from the Greenhouse and recipes from the Caribbean and Cape Verde, where many Dudley community members are from.

Yolande Champagne, now 76 years old and originally from Haiti, combed the tray of rice and beans she’d made. She lives nearby and has been volunteering at the Greenhouse for several years. She pointed to two trays of wheatgrass she’s growing right now.

John Silveira held up the recipe card to his Catchupe – it was all that was left. The pot had been wiped clean a few minutes before. Lima beans, corn, greens, onions, tomatoes, garlic. A few years ago, John had heard that in addition to the enterprise hothouse tomatoes and other produce, there were community gardening beds inside the Greenhouse, which is operated by The Food Project and managed by Danielle Andrews.  

He’s been coming to the Greenhouse ever since. “It’s great that I can learn about nature, plants, people, cultures,” John said. “A lot of people around don’t know this is here.”

Did we mention the all-vegan food spread? Nadra Rah has three young children, ages 6, 8, and 11. Nadra has been raising them vegan since they were born and grows vegetables in a community bed. “At the Greenhouse, I found other people in the community eating healthy as a natural way of life,” she said. “My kids are learning so much about growing food and not just from their mommy.

“Before I found the Greenhouse, such a community didn’t seem nearby.”

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