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Winter view on the farm

A reflection by Allison Houghton, Greater Boston CSA Manager

I am constantly being reminded of how many animals live on or near a farm’s borders, even in winter. Recently, on the Lincoln farm, I saw a red fox hiding amongst our cabbages. I imagine it must have been waiting for rabbits or field mice to emerge from hiding. It was fun to watch him sit up and stare back at us as we came closer. Then quick as anything, it leapt to its feet and rushed off towards the cover of trees, its red tail flowing behind him like a banner.

If you are lucky enough to walk across our farm after a fresh fallen snow,
you’ll see many signs of life and animal tracks, like this Great Blue Heron track I found in the snow by our greenhouse. And even though everything seems quiet, there are small signs of life everywhere. Some eastern bluebirds, for instance, choose to overwinter in New England. They have small bodies and often cluster together in large numbers inside nest boxes or hollows in trees to keep warm during storms or particularly cold weather. We have several bluebird nest boxes on the farm, and although I can’t be sure, I like to imagine they are full of these small-bodied birds, keeping warm.
By using sustainable and organic methods for growing our produce, we not only grow good quality vegetables, but also simultaneously care for the land and all the creatures that live on it. As a member of our community – if you purchase a CSA share, volunteer, or make a donation, you help support us in this mission.

Thank you for supporting us in growing food that is good for people and the land, too. We wish you a wonderful holiday season and hope to see you again next year!

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