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Our Programs Have New Names!

Over 22 growing seasons, we have changed and made our communities stronger.
The Food Project’s programs have changed too. We added two programs that increase youth engagement beyond the summer months and we are always creating new learning opportunities.
Now we are writing to tell you of another exciting moment in our youth work.
The Food Project programs have been renamed! They are now:

  • Seed Crew: (formerly known as Summer Youth Program or SYP)

The DNA of change: explosive potential, strength in diversity; the starting point of growth. Seed Crew is a seven week summer opportunity for youth to grow produce on urban and suburban farms while developing civic engagement and teamwork skills in a diverse setting.

  • Dirt Crew: (formerly known as DIRT, DIRT Crew, the Academic Year Program)

The context of change: deepening, rich, living material; the medium of growth. Dirt Crew takes place during the school year with youth who have completed Seed Crew and provides meaningful opportunities to develop leadership in sustainable agriculture practices, local food systems, diversity/anti-oppression work, and civic engagement.

  • Root Crew: (formerly known as Interns or the Intern Program)

The action of change: reaching out, investment in place; the anchor of growth. Root Crew is a yearlong, capstone experience for youth, in which youth take on increasingly responsible roles in our urban and suburban farms and markets, and opportunities to lead community dialogue around food system change and social justice.

This was a decision that involved months of deliberation by current youth and staff. It began with feedback that our former naming conventions were confusing and didn’t clearly express the relationship between the three program areas.
The question at hand was: How could our program names more clearly and directly say what we do and why we do it?
The new names are a departure from a seasonal approach to an intentional description of our work—in essence, one program with three expressions—all starting with Seed Crews in the summer.
We hope you like the new names as much as we do! 

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