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City Council Recognizes TFP's Twentieth

The Food Project at the Boston City Council
The Food Project at the Boston City Council
At the opening of the Boston City Council meeting on Wednesday, City Councilor Felix G. Arroyo recognized The Food Project for our work in youth development, sustainable agriculture, and community engagement over the past twenty years. Councilor Arroyo presented a proclamation of the City Council of Boston congratulating TFP on our twentieth anniversary and commending us for many years of outstanding service to the communities of Boston. Executive Director Selvin Chambers, Board Chair Eugene Benson, Communications Director Ki Kim, and Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator Elena Martinez were present to receive the honors on behalf of TFP. At the end of the presentation, Chambers spoke to TFP’s commitment to our mission of supporting what he calls the “pyramid of hope”: youth, food, and community.

Twenty years ago, Councilor Arroyo was a participant in The Food Project’s first ever Summer Youth Program. He was one of 18 teenagers who harvested, weeded, and washed vegetables together at The Food Project’s 2.5 acres of land at Drumlin Farm that first summer. For Arroyo, the experience working on the farm was an opportunity to visit an unfamiliar suburban community, make friends with a wide variety of youth, and experience firsthand the way that food is grown and distributed. To learn more about Councilor Arroyo and his experience at The Food Project, please check out his spotlight on our alumni profiles page.

Later on Wednesday evening, Councilor Arroyo attended The Food Project’s Twentieth Anniversary Gala at the WGBH Studios in Brighton, Mass. At the gala, The Food Project’s youth, staff, board, and supporters celebrated twenty years of successful programming in eastern Massachusetts. The crowd heard speeches from honored guests author and activist Frances Moore Lappe and chef Gordon Hamersley of Hamersley’s Bistro in Boston’s South End, as well as Food Project youth interns Phil Nguyen and Thalia Valverde, Councilor Arroyo, and other supporters.

The Food Project would like to extend its gratitude to Councilor Arroyo and to all of our supporters who attended this week’s gala. We look forward to twenty more years of impressive youth, delicious food, and collaborative community.

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