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A Stupendous Summer of Youth and Food

2012 Greater Boston SYP Participants
2012 Greater Boston SYP Participants
With Labor Day right around the corner, we'd like to take a look back at the excellent summer of 2012. Summer is arguably the most exciting time at The Food Project. Our flagship Summer Youth Program is in full swing for seven weeks during July and August, and our youth interns are hard at work both on the farms and in our communities throughout the summer months. The farms are in full bloom; our farmers' markets and community-supported agriculture programs are going strong; and backyard gardens around the greater Boston area are turning out delicious vegetables, delectable herbs, and delightful flowers.

The summer of 2012 marks 21 full years of growing food here at The Food Project. In 1992 we started with just 2.5 acres and 18 youth at Drumlin Farm in Lincoln, Mass. That summer, we grew and donated 20,000 pounds of food. In 2012, our 150 teenagers and over 3,000 volunteers worked on over 40 acres of farmland in Lincoln, Boston, Lynn, and Beverly, Mass. In the 2012 growing season as a whole, we will grow and distribute nearly 290,000 pounds of vegetables, herbs, and fruits.

In the 2012 Summer Youth Program, over 100 teenagers from greater Boston and the North Shore of Massachusetts worked for seven weeks on our farms and in their local communities. They spent many hours tending the fields at our farms in Boston, Lincoln, Lynn, and Beverly, Mass. They also served at hunger relief organizations around Boston and the North Shore; sold vegetables and herbs at our farmers' markets in Boston and Lynn; and cooked and served lunches on the farms for community members and friends of The Food Project. In addition, they participated in a wide variety of workshops that engaged them in discussions about diversity, sustainable agriculture, healthy eating, and more.

Overall, we had an exciting and fruitful summer here at The Food Project. We are so proud of all of the youth who worked with us this summer. We worked with 99 youth who were brand new to The Food Project and 43 youth who are seasoned veterans of our summer and academic year youth programs. Check back next week to read about the awesome accolades of our summer intern team. Meanwhile, as the temperature cools, we reflect on the hard work, hot days, and joyful accomplishments of the summer of 2012.


For more information about The Food Project's Summer Youth Program, please check out our Youth Programs website.

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