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Exploring the Dudley Hub

Courtney Leads a Tour
Courtney Leads a Tour
At the cusp of West and Brook
Lies a bounty of what chefs would cook.
Venture there and you'll find
The words written on your chest, in a sign.

On a recent Thursday morning, a small group of youth crew workers stood before The Food Project's Dudley Street office trying to extrapolate a location from this baffling poem. It took these teenagers from TFP's Summer Youth Program just a few minutes to figure out where to run for their next clue - how long would it take you?

On three occasions this summer, TFP youth interns Courtney, Eli, and Emil led groups of youth from TFP's Summer Youth Program in a scavenger hunt tour of the Dudley neighborhood that surrounds TFP's Boston urban sites. A series of poetic clues led the teenagers around the neighborhood to The Food Project's office, the West Cottage farm, the Dudley Greenhouse, and the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative’s office. At each stop along the way, the teens learned interesting and important tidbits about the history of the Dudley neighborhood and the people and organizations that have resided there.

In order to receive each clue, the youth had to answer a trivia question about the Dudley neighborhood. Each trivia question asked about a fact featured in the Dudley history documentary "Holding Ground," which the youth had watched a few days before. For instance, before receiving their first clue, the teens were asked, "What was the slogan that the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative and Dudley residents used in their campaign to end dumping?" Any guesses? The slogan was "Don't dump on us!" The slogan was the catch-line of a grassroots campaign in the 1980s to stop people from illegally dumping trash in the abandoned lots of the Dudley neighborhood.

By the end of the morning, the youth had expanded their knowledge of the street surrounding The Food Project's office, farm, and greenhouse, visited four sites important to TFP, and learned a little more about the history of TFP, its community partners, and its neighborhood. 


In case you have not yet figured out the clue, here is a step-by-step translation:

  • At the cusp of West and Brook - The intersection of West Cottage Street and Brook Avenue in Dorchester
  • Lies a bounty of what chefs would cook - Mixed vegetables and herbs
  • Venture there and you’ll find the words written on your chest in a sign - "The Food Project," the words and logo featured on both this sign and on every TFP youth and staff t-shirt

The clue refers to The Food Project's West Cottage farm, located at 40 West Cottage Street in Dorchester, Mass.


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