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TFP Volunteers Start Food Truck

TFP's kale is on the menu!
TFP's kale is on the menu!
On Friday, April 20th, TFP volunteers Irene, Mei, and Andy Li officially opened their new food struck, the Mei Mei Street Kitchen. "Mei mei" (pronounced may-may) means "little sister" in Chinese, so it is an appropriate name for this sibling-run food truck that serves up creative Chinese food delicacies. Mei Mei has been cruising the streets of Boston for one week now and has been delivering delicious food around the city. Their dishes include pork buns, kale salad, macarons, and more.

Mei Mei Street Kitchen creates Chinese-American food that is made from locally-sourced and sustainably-produced ingredients. The three sibling owners all love food and strive to support local and regional food systems while delivering high quality and delicious food to their customers. They also connect with and support local organizations such as The Food Project and the Bowdoin Street Health Center's Healthy Food Access Project.

Irene, Mei, and Andy have been regular volunteers at The Food Project's farm in Dorchester since the fall of 2011. Together, they have volunteered more than 80 hours! They have planted, weeded, harvested, and washed vegetables at the farm; they have built raised beds in Dorchester and Roxbury; and now they are buying some of the produce for their food truck from The Food Project's farms and the Dudley Greenhouse. This Tuesday, they bought Red Russian Kale from the Dudley Greenhouse, harvested by TFP youth Kenny Lopez and Lucas Munson. The kale became part of their kale salad, which they sold outside the Boston Public Library the next afternoon.

You can find the Mei Mei Street Kitchen this evening on Clarendon Street between Newbury and Boylston. Or, check them out online at

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