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Local Gardener Leads Cooking Workshop

Maria Barros prepares bacalhau.
Maria Barros prepares bacalhau.
Local gardener Maria Barros led friends, neighbors, and food enthusiasts in a cooking class about Cape Verdean cooking at The Food Project’s office this Saturday, January 28.

The ten participants included Cape Verdean Bostonians eager to learn about their traditional cuisine, as well as many local gardeners. As they chopped vegetables for the class, the gardeners discussed last year's cabbage crop and their excitement to plant collard greens for the spring.

Barros led participants in preparing two traditional Cape Verdean dishes called Cachupa and Bacalhau. Cachupa is a stew that contains collard greens, beans, and corn. Bacalhau is a stew containing salted cod. After preparing the two dishes, participants dined together to taste their creations.

Saturday's workshop was the first installment in a series called "Cooking with your Neighbor." The next "Cooking with your Neighbor" workshop will be held on Saturday, February 25. Three gardeners from the Refugee and Immigrant Assistance Center will be leading us in an interactive class about Somali cooking.

For more information about the "Cooking with your Neighbor" series or the "Grow Well, Eat Well, Be Well" initiative at the Dudley Greenhouse, please email Greenhouse Manager Danielle Andrews.

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