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Happy Thanksgiving from The Food Project

Here at The Food Project, Thanksgiving is admittedly one of our favorite holidays. After growing food, harvesting food, selling food, cooking food, sharing food, eating food, and talking about food all year, it's only natural that we are excited for a day dedicated to food and people.

Thanksgiving is a day for spending time with family and friends, cooking, eating, and embracing traditions new and old. Like all holidays, however, the experience of this day is different for everyone. Last week, I asked some of my co-workers here at The Food Project to share their favorite memories of Thanksgiving.

For many of us, Thanksgiving is about family...

"It's the one weekend when my family and friends all converge on my hometown." - Allison Daminger, Community Programs Associate

"I always love having multiple generations under one roof and spending as much time as we can outside." - Polly Reeve, Director of Development

"For me it's the community aspect - a hodgepodge group of people will come together and make a family." - Audrey Bekeny, Development Associate

"My family has a 40-year-old electric knife to cut the turkey. No one owns the cutting of the turkey and it's like this tension in the room [to decide who will do it]." - Tim Laird, Director of Agriculture

For some people, Thanksgiving is all about cherished traditions...

"We always make my great grandmother's cranberry orange relish. There is something great about all these generations of my family making the same recipe." - Leah Jones, FoodCorps Service Member

"Every year, my dad and I go fishing on Thanksgiving morning and then get the fish smoked to eat as an appetizer." - Briana Iacovetta, FoodCorps Service Member

"My annual ritual is going to see my high school football team. I see old friends ... and then look forward to house hopping." - Selvin Chambers, Executive Director

"On Thanksgiving, I love to decorate for Christmas. I am really into decorating in a huge way. In my house, there will be Christmas carols, mice, lights, and glitter." - Danielle Andrews, Dudley Greenhouse Manager

Thanksgiving can also be an introspective time...

"In my family, we always talk about how we came to this country and how we got here. A really rich dialogue always comes out of Thanksgiving." - Marlie Wilson, FoodCorps Service Member

"We always talk about who we are as a native people and how we celebrate Thanksgiving ... [For us,] choosing how we celebrate is in itself a political act." - Cindy Davenport, Director of Youth Programs

...that makes us reminisce of years past.

"We used to go to my aunt and uncle's house in Connecticut. They would grow their own turkey and their own food. They were kind of my heroes growing up and now Thanksgiving is a time to remember them." - James Harrison, North Shore Regional Director

So, whatever your favorite memories or celebrations may be, we at The Food Project wish you a happy Thanksgiving!


Also, don't forget to join us tomorrow from 4:00-7:00 p.m. at the Fall Festival and Market in the Dudley Greenhouse for some food and festivities! Not sure what to do with all those winter squashes and root vegetables this year? Check out some of our favorite vegetable-centric Thanksgiving treats:

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