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Autumn in the Dudley Greenhouse

The Community Bay
The Community Bay
While many of Massachusetts’ farms are harvesting their last crops of the season and preparing for rest, the Dudley Greenhouse is just starting to blossom. Food Project staff and community members spent the month of September welcoming new partners to the greenhouse and preparing for a winter of delicious vegetables.

In July, the Dudley Greenhouse received 18 applications from groups looking to grow food and learn together in the greenhouse's community bay. The greenhouse advisory group selected eight groups to share space and resources in the greenhouse during the upcoming year. The new groups include local elementary schools, community gardeners, and refugee groups. Each week, FoodCorps Service Member Marlie Wilson welcomes second and third grade classes from Mason and Winthrop Elementary Schools to the greenhouse to learn to grow food and explore gardening, nutrition, and plant science.

In addition, two local gardeners are working in their greenhouse plots to build local knowledge of healthy food production and distribution. Other gardeners include Sayed Ali of NUBIA and Falawni Hayes. Ali is embarking on his second year in the Dudley Greenhouse. He will use the space to continue his organization’s efforts to grow food for local immigrants from Sudan and Egypt. This year, Ali will also serve as a mentor for gardeners from the Islamic Center in Roxbury who are hoping to bring more awareness about local food and the environment to their mosque. Mattapan resident, artist, and activist Falawni Hayes will be continuing her work with local children in the Dudley Greenhouse. Hayes and her young partners garden in a community garden plot during the summer months and then move their operation into the greenhouse during the winter. The children learn about growing food and bring fresh, local vegetables back to their families.

For the first time this winter, one third of the beds in the Dudley Greenhouse’s community bay are reserved for families headed by senior citizens or people with disabilities. In September, The Food Project partnered with YouthBuild Boston and Vertex Pharmaceuticals to build two elevated raised beds for gardeners with limited mobility. We are excited to see these new beds in action this winter.

In the back half of the Dudley Greenhouse, the enterprise bay, the first seedlings of salad greens, spinach, and arugula have emerged from the soil. Throughout the winter, The Food Project will grow greens and pea shoots to sell to local restaurants. In the enterprise bays, the first seedlings of salad greens, spinach and arugula have emerged, while trials of pea shoots and other sprouts are being grown elsewhere. The profits from these sales will contribute to the cost of supporting community gardening groups and other community events in the greenhouse.


Have you ever visited the Dudley Greenhouse? As the weather gets colder, the greenhouse is a warm and welcoming sight. Come by for a visit! We are located at 11 Brook Avenue in Roxbury. Also, mark your calendar for TFP’s Thanksgiving Market in the Dudley Greenhouse on Tuesday, November 20 from 4:00-7:00 p.m.

For more information about the Dudley Greenhouse, please contact Greenhouse Manager Danielle Andrews.

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