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A Poem for The Food Project

Lucas (center, green) and His 2012 Summer Crew
Lucas (center, green) and His 2012 Summer Crew
The following poem was written by Food Project youth intern Lucas Munson. Lucas first joined The Food Project in the summer of 2011 as a crew worker in our Summer Youth Program. He participated in the 2011-12 Academic Year Program, worked as an assistant crew leader during the summer of 2012, and is now an intern. We are proud to announce that The Food Project will be submitting Lucas' poem as a proposal for the CTK Foundation's Heart and Soul Grant. Thank you, Lucas, for your beautiful words.




I remember them telling us,
The city is too loud
And the country is too quiet,
Your words will never be heard.

We responded with a carrot in the dirt,
The rolled up sleeves of a sweaty shirt.
We seized pitchforks like we'd revolt,
And planted gardens as loud as hope.

-Lucas Munson

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