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Thriller Author Partners with TFP

The following blog was guest-authored by Michael Palmer, who is partnering with TFP to spread the message about real food to new audiences.

Why TFP Has a Place in This Thriller Author’s Heart

Oath of Office
Oath of Office
Greetings from Swampscott, Mass. My name is Michael Palmer, I am a NY Times best-selling medical thriller author. A little over two years ago I watched Food, Inc. I know that many of you are familiar with the sobering realities exposed in this documentary: the business of corporate farming, the harmful treatment of animals, and the limited access many people have to healthy food.

The stories of farmers and food policy advocates stayed with me. I could not stop thinking about the negative impact that processed, mass produced, and genetically engineered foods have on our individual and collective well-being. And I knew that I’d found my next book topic. Fast forward a year later – Oath of Office was completed and will be in stores mid-February this year.

It was only natural for me to connect my story with that of The Food Project. This is why I wanted to do my small part and contribute financially to the Food Project's cause – in the form of donating a percentage of the Oath of Office pre-order sales to their efforts.

Oath of Office is my 17th medical and political thriller novel. My hope is that the book reminds readers about the importance of getting educated about what they eat and motivates them to do their part in building a world where “real food” is accessible to all people. At the heart of the novel is corn modified with the genes of the flesh-eating termite Macrotermes bellicosus.

Should you decide to pre-order the book, and help me raise funds for The Food Project, you will also receive a signed bookplate. You can find out more details about how to get involved on my Facebook page.

To the staff, youth, and volunteers at The Food Project: thank you for the work you do in the eastern Massachusetts community and congratulations on celebrating your 20th anniversary. I have no doubt that you will continue to give the world what it needs, “one bite at a time.”

Michael Palmer

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