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Interns in the Garden

[The first part of this blog was written by Sylvia, a TFP summer intern. In the second part, Sylvia is the featured gardener in this month’s installment of "A Week in My Garden."]

TFP Intern Sylvia at work on her raised-bed garden.
TFP Intern Sylvia at work on her raised-bed garden.
My name is Sylvia and I am one of the twelve Boston interns at The Food Project. Our internship is divided into three groups in which we rotate: Agriculture (AG), Teaching through Agriculture (TAG), and Build-a-Garden (BaG).

During our time in AG we get the opportunity to teach community members about the food system through our Food Choices Workshop. As part of TAG, we have the opportunity to educate and inform children from the ages of 5 to 18 about healthy food choices at our Urban Learning Farm (ULF).

Finally, as part of BaG, we travel around Roxbury, Dorchester, and Mattapan to build raised-bed gardens at residents’ homes. We also provide seeds and growing advice and conduct follow-up visits to check in on the gardens we have already built. Additionally, we have begun conducting follow-up visits. If you have received a garden bed from us between the Summer of 2010 and June 2011, we will be stopping by your garden. Although you do not have to be present when we visit your garden, if you would like to be, please give us a call and we would be happy to work something out.

One of the newest parts of the internship program is the intern garden beds at the ULF. The twelve interns are split into teams of three that are each given a bed in which to grow their own produce.


This month’s “A Week in My Garden” is focused on the interns’ beds at the ULF and their experiences growing their own food.

With such a busy schedule, how do you incorporate gardening into your life?

Sylvia: I generally arrive pretty early to work, so I try to swing by the ULF as often as possible, usually four mornings a week, to water, weed, and check in on my vegetables. I find that gardening early in the morning wakes me up and gets me excited for the day ahead!

How many years have you been gardening in Massachusetts?

I began growing vegetables at The Food Project last summer, but in the past have helped my parents out in our flower garden.

Top two reasons to have a garden?

Sylvia: To have quick, inexpensive access to fresh vegetables and to do something productive with my free time.

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