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3rd Graders Experiment with Spinach

The spinach sprouted!
The spinach sprouted!
In late September, third graders seeded spinach at our urban learning farm. Knowing it was late in the season and the weather was getting colder, we asked the students to make a hypothesis about what would happen next. Would the spinach grow at all? Would it sprout and die?

Next, we explained that we would put row over the bed, a lightweight fabric that allows water and air to flow through but acts like a blanket. Sure enough, the determined spinach seeds sprouted! A few weeks later, we also used a staple gun to put clear plastic over the bed for an extra layer of warmth. Would these "blankets" keep the sprouts warm enough to get through the winter?

With all of the snow piled on top of the blanket layers, we weren't quite sure ourselves. As soon as the snow melted, we eagerly took a peek! Turns out, we have delicious spinach ready to eat.  

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