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Food Literacy Team launched

This fall, The Food Project is partnering with Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD) and Northeastern University to pilot a new program called the Food Literacy Team. On weekday mornings during the 2011-2012 school year, TFP volunteers will be visiting the classrooms of the Dorchester and Gertrude E. Townsend Head Start centers in Dorchester to engage preschool students in food literacy and nutrition lessons.

The curriculum focuses on hands-on activities that explore where food comes from, how plants grow, and tasting new foods. Spearheading this program are seven volunteers from the Northeastern University Civic Engagement Program. They have chosen to work with The Food Project over the course of their academic year to advance food security in their community by working with some of its youngest members. Over the course of the school year, the Food Literacy Team will encourage Head Start preschoolers to recognize nutritious foods, make healthy food choices, and appreciate food as an essential part of their culture and daily life.

We can't wait to share more updates throughout the year!

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