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Container Gardening 101

This segment will be featured monthly for all of the gardeners who are growing in containers. It will be specifically geared towards those using The Food Project's new container garden kits on porches and in spaces that are too limited to have a raised bed. I will bring you through my experience with my container garden kit step-by-step, and I invite you to share your ideas too!


My Kit

I did the first planting in my containers on April 12 inside of our Dudley Greenhouse. This gives me a head start, and hopefully it will help me test out some of my ideas and share the results with all of you!


After being away from work for a week, I returned to find my tomatoes rapidly growing and in desperate need of support. We tied a string to a rod at the top of the greenhouse and used special tomato clips to hold it up. As the plant continues to grow, we will add more clips.



By mid-June, you will need to support your tomatoes in some way. We will write more about this topic next month – but at Saturday’s City Farm Fest we will be selling tomato stakes and clips, and offering hands-on demos for using these special tomato clips!

In this pot, I plan to grow hot peppers. Since I won’t plant this until about May 20, I decided to plant fast growing salad mix, which I planted on April 12. After 3 weeks, I am now ready for my first harvest of fresh greens (it would take about 1 week extra if these pots were outside). In the next 2 weeks, I’ll get a few more cuttings for salads before ripping it up to plant the pepper!
Salad mix after 2 weeks
Salad mix after 2 weeks
Salad mix after 3 weeks
Salad mix after 3 weeks




I planted a variety of pickling cucumber in this pot, because they grow best in a small space. Once they get a little bigger, I’ll train them to grow onto the trellis.


Here, I tried to plant salad mix around the collard that I transplanted into the pot. My thinking was that while the collard plant was small, I’d be able to fit in a small planting of salad mix and get a couple of cuttings for salad before pulling them out, and giving the collard the rest of the space. I’ll let you know how this works next month!

In my planter, I planted about 1 square foot with 16 radishes (in the back space); a small row of cilantro (small sprouts can be seen in front space); and the remaining area with spinach. 


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