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SNAP & Bounty Bucks Use in Boston Up in 2010

Preliminary results from a Food Project study show that our efforts to increase access to healthy food for underserved communities are making a big impact. In 2010, over $38,000 in SNAP sales were completed in farmers’ markets, with an additional $33,000 in redemption of Boston Bounty Bucks. Combining SNAP sales and Boston Bounty Bucks redemption, we’re projecting a final total of about $75,000 – representing a 271 percent increase from 2009 numbers! And more great news: the number of participating markets went up by 50 percent, from 14 to 21.

The Food Project was instrumental in making it possible for farmers’ markets throughout Boston to accept SNAP (Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program) benefits (also known as EBT or Food Stamps). We also played a lead role in coordinating the Boston Bounty Bucks program, which was created in cooperation with the city and community partners. With Bounty Bucks, customers can double the value of their SNAP benefits [up to $10 per purchase] when used to buy food at participating farmers' markets.

We’re looking forward to seeing these programs continue to grow even more in 2011!

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