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News from the Lincoln fields

This week, as we look out onto the fields our hearts are content and full of anticipation. We see lush fields of winter squash (three acres!) at the edge of the farm, round musk and water melons are popping up everywhere in the melon field, our greens are coming back from the beating they took during the heat wave, and the vines are heavy with green tomatoes. The farm is in good shape.

A note about fruit- It is often the crops most fleeting in nature that cause the greatest excitement both during and long after the season has ended. Images of strawberries, melons, or tomatoes come fastest to our minds when we think about farming, although as you well know the farming season consists more of the less showy but reliable and satisfying greens and roots. The sweetest crops stay in the spotlight long after they are gone. I’m speaking, of course, of fruit.

Regardless of whether you consider tomatoes to be in this category, the different types of fruit grown by The Food Project can be counted on one hand. Thus, during the CSA season we have a definite case of demand exceeding supply. Enter Autumn Hills Orchard. For the past seven years we have had a sweet (literally) relationship with Autumn Hills, which has provided us with delicious and healthy apple shares.

We offer apple shares as an optional way to increase access to healthy and local food for our shareholders. If you sign up for an apple share you will receive one half peck (~5lbs) of apples each week for eight weeks. To sign up please bring a check to the farm, mail a check to the Lincoln office, or call Bob Roberson at 781-259-8621 ex t20. Both the on-farm CSA, and the box share sites are eligible to sign up.

* The last day that payments will be accepted is August 29. Any checks received after this date will be returned.

Meet Your Farmers

each week two of our Lincoln youth interns will introduce themselves

Hi, my name is Jesse Mishra and I am 16 years old. I am from Newton and this is my 2nd year with The Food Project where I am currently an intern. I have completed the Summer Youth Program and Academic Year Program. I joined because I wanted a summer job that was outside, and I had never worked on a farm before, so I thought it would be an interesting experience. Over my time here I've really appreciated how The Food Project has showed me to work well with others, even when I didn't share much in common with them, as well as encouraging me to work harder. It's made me more confident in public speaking and other situations in which I must work with others I may not know well. My favorite vegetable is broccoli.

Hi, my name is Matthew Burckardt and I am 18 years old. I am from Cambridge and I'm a Lincoln agricultural intern at The Food Project. I enjoy biking every day between my home to Porter Station and from the Lincoln Commuter Rail station to the farm, which gives me a lot of time outside. I enjoy farming because it has a very tangible reward, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I get to reap the literal fruits (and vegetables) of my labor, my favorite of which are cucumbers because they are light and crisp.


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