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News from the Lincoln Fields

Since our summer program started in June we have harvested roughly 14,000 pounds of produce and from this we have donated thousands of pounds to our shelter, soup kitchen, and pantry partners. To give you an idea of how we accomplish this task, let me introduce you to our Tuesday harvest. The day starts at 6:30am when the farm staff works hard to harvest greens and lettuce before the sun starts beating on them. As the youth arrive on the farm, crews quickly go out to the fields and the task of harvesting 2,000 lbs of produce begins. As crates upon crates of squash, carrots, and potatoes arrive at the wash station, one crew works on weighing, recording, washing, and packing for each different destination. After lunch it’s off to the city as we deliver the Cambridge, Somerville, and Arlington CSA shares, drop off produce at five hunger relief organizations, and then to our farmers’ market in Roxbury—all in two hours!

Our first stop after the CSA in Cambridge is the Women’s Lunch Place right at the heart of Copley Square. Next is Haley house, in the South End, where the great smells of the kitchen come all the way to the parking lot. After Haley House we stop at Pine Street Inn, and finally to The Red Cross. It’s now close to 2 pm and we must make it to the market on time. As we travel through Boston Medical Center we can see the Food Project’s roof top garden. We arrive at the market where another crew of youth is busy displaying vegetables and serving customers. You wouldn’t believe that the same shy looking teenagers who showed up looking sleepy and wary at Lincoln a month ago are now telling customers about the vitamins found in cucumbers and how to cook patty pan squash!

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