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Upgrading our Farm Equipment

Tim shows off new gear
Tim shows off new gear
Over the last few years, The Food Project's stable of farm equipment has been showing its age. Each season we'd spend more money and staff time on maintenance, and suffer through increasingly inefficient operations. Worse, our equipment's limitations made it difficult to maintain the long-term health of our land.

This all changes with our new gear, selected by Lincoln farmers Tim
Laird and Miriam Stason. Tim and Miriam used their knowledge of the state of the art in small-scale sustainable vegetable growing practices to put together a set of farm machinery that should allow our farmers to improve plant and soil health throughout all phases of the season.

Miriam demos the spader
Miriam demos the spader
For me, the most compelling piece of gear is the new spader, which
replaces the old disc harrow. The spader is a machine that mimics the mechanics of a human working by hand with a spade to loosen the soil. This is a far gentler and less compacting process than was possible with the old equipment, which required multiple passes over a stretch of soil, packing it down and damaging the tilth. True farm equipment fans can read more about spaders at

While it's hard to say in advance how quickly the benefits of this new equipment will become visible, we're confident that this upgrade will make for a healthier, happier farm, farm staff, and growing season!


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