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Meet a Fellow Build-a-Gardener

Build-a-Garden in 3D
Build-a-Garden in 3D
TFP Staffer Kesiah Bascom will be keeping up a Build-a-Garden this year too! 

Excitement takes form in many strange ways. Some people shiver and shake or talk and laugh uncontrollably. Voices rise and arms flail. Eyes widen to the size of saucers until it appears that they will pop out of skulls and fly down streets. This year I will be an Urban Farmer just like you and am currently beside myself with each form of excitement!

For those of you who have not met me yet, my name is Kesiah and I am the Mass Promise Fellow at the Food Project this year. So far I have enjoyed working on many different projects and this Spring I have been assigned to tend my own raised bed garden at The Food Project’s Urban Learning Farm in Roxbury. During the next few months, I will grow vegetables right along with you. I will take the Growing Guide step-by-step and painstakingly yet lovingly nurture my garden until it produces something beautiful and delicious. Throughout the season, and during the ups and downs, I will blog about all of my experiences, using what I learn in the process to share with all of you. Stay tuned to our newsletter and check out the blog for regular updates, to share the excitement of growing right along with me!

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