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note from TFP alumni Luis

Editor's note: we're happy to share (with permission of course!) the following note we received from TFP alum Luis Andino, who started in the Summer Youth Program way back in 2005.


This may seems random but just emailing you to check in. Everything is going well here at Umass Dartmouth. I'm excited on my choice attending this school. So far I have a 106 average in bio, an A in precal, a B in english. The only class I'm struggling in is political science with a C, but I plan on improving in that. I work about 20 to max 25 hours a week. I am also going to apply to be an RA next semester to try to get involved in the school [...].

Thank you for all your help during my application process to college. I strongly belive one of the major reasons I got accepeted was because of my work at TFP and your reference letter you worked so hard on. In general I am very appreciative for for TFP because it definitely developed my character and mold me as a person. I see people aroound me that did not go to TFP and see their lag in work ethic, public speaking skills, and leadership skills; this making me wish more people worked at TFP because it truly makes a difference. I can work at my new job with confidence and excel because of these values that TFP has taught me. TFP has really prepared me for the real world and I am glad that I have an advantage over many other people my age, thanks to you guys. Hopefully the depression has not taken a big toll on TFP because I most definitely want my children to work at TFP (and their children). I am always willing to talk about TFP because it has made a big change in my life and yes, I still wear my TFP shirt from time to time. Extend my greeting and gratitude to the rest of the staff and the TFP youth.

Hope to see you soon,
Luis Andino

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