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With a Hint of Cheese

D.I.R.T. (Dynamic Intelligent Responsible Teens)
D.I.R.T. (Dynamic Intelligent Responsible Teens)
Editor's note: the following is from Academic Year Program participant Sam DeRosa, and is the first in a series from youth program participants. Watch this space for more postings from AYP participants!

On Tuesday November 10th, a few AYP workers, eleven to be exact including myself, went to a cheese tasting at South End Formaggio in Boston. Both the Lincoln/Boston and the North Shore Food Project AYP programs attended this tasting. This gave us the opportunities to meet and converse with other Food Project members which we would most likely not interact with on an extensive level. At the cheese tasting our connoisseur of cheese, Leslie Mann, offered us an exquisite selection of cheeses varying in taste, texture, color, density, age, distance, and many other attributes. Although one might not think of cheese as having so many different qualities, Leslie informed us on how complex the art of making cheese is. She told us that even making the same type of cheese at different times of day could change many aspects about that cheese.

While interacting with our AYP counterparts it gave me the chance to see how far and wide The Food Project's programs extend. As if having a diverse group of young adults from all over the North Shore wasn’t enough, I had the opportunity to talk and interact with diverse young adults throughout a large section of Massachusetts. This cheese tasting let me experience many things, from learning an incredible and almost overwhelming amount of information about cheese, to meeting other teenagers who I can share experiences with and learn new things from. The Food Project's ability to bring teenagers together allows them to develop and learn in ways that many people of the same age and situations as us would not be able to.

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