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An Oasis Grows in Lynn, MA

This year, in collaboration with Oasis Development and a great cast of volunteers, The Food Project has started up a new plot of land in Lynn. It's on Munroe Street, right by our North Shore office and directly across from the Lynn commuter rail station. Here's a slideshow of the plot's progression from grassy field to working farm:

If I'm looking at the farm data correctly, we've harvested almost 3,000 pounds of herbs and vegetables from the Munroe land this season. That's in addition to the bounty of the 15 raised beds being used by community gardeners. This food stays in Lynn; some is sold at our Central Square farmers' market just a few blocks away, and the rest is distributed to local hunger relief organizations. 

In addition to the food, the Munroe plot has been a great success in raising the visibility of our work in Lynn. People stop by every day asking what we're doing and expressing amazement that something like this is happening right in downtown. 

Our Gigapan master went to work a few weeks ago, so you can now visually explore the plot as it was in late October. Just click on the image below & you'll be taken to the full panorama, where you can zoom in and identify vegetables to your heart's delight:

Panorama of Munroe
Panorama of Munroe

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