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Saturday's Climate Action Day

Underwater Cabinet Meeting
Underwater Cabinet Meeting
 Food crops require certain things from our environment to grow, including the right amount of rain (not like this past June!) and the proper range of temperature. Significant changes to the climate threaten to disrupt these conditions.

If, then, you also enjoy eating food, you may wish to join our friends at the Real Food Challenge, Slow Food, and hundreds of like-minded organization in participating in this Saturday's international day of climate action. The basic idea is to show world leaders, a month in advance of the climate negotiations at Copenhagen, that there is widespread support for a treaty that will keep atmospheric carbon dioxide levels down somewhere reasonable.

I had the luck to hear from founder Bill McKibben this past Sunday at the Boston relocalization conference, and he had some really interesting things to say about what we can expect from Saturday. It's going to be the biggest global day of activism, ever, by a long shot. Many large events all throughout China and Africa. Activists from Israel, Palestine, and Jordan meeting at the ever-shrinking Dead Sea. You may have already seen the kick-off underwater cabinet meeting held by the gov't of the Maldives, one of the first nations that could be expected to lose its land due to rising seas.

Your loyal blogger will be participating in one of the bike rides to Boston's Under Water festival. Mass Climate Action lists other MA actions, and readers worldwide can find events at's registry.

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