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News from the Lincoln Farm

Only one week left to go after this.

The Cold Arrives

Though temperatures are supposed to rise close to 70 this week, last week we saw the first of the true cold weather. With the first hard frost there is sometimes a sigh of relief among the farm crew. After all the labor of the season, we finally allow ourselves to relax once the pepper plants droop and the basil turns brown. There is still plenty of harvesting to be done, but now we get to set our alarm clocks a bit later, waiting until the sun rises and the frost loosens its grip on the lettuce to begin work. Here in New England the weather sets the pace, slowing down life for the colder months. We are helpless to resist it. When snow falls in October, as it did on us last Friday, we find work to do under cover, take the time to heat up our lunches and enjoy early bedtimes. Even the weeds have lost their sense of urgency and begin to take a little rest. Enjoy these last two weeks of produce fresh from the ground- the roots and greens are made sweeter by the frost, crisper by the cold and more precious by their impermanence.

The Winter CSA

is full. Thanks for all your enthusiasm.

Starting this week, your loyal blog transcriber of Farm News is splitting CSA recipes out to their own posts. The first one is about Brussels Sprouts.

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