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Garlic Growing this Fall

The history of garlic involves many ancient cultures with an extensive range of uses including medicinal, spiritual, and culinary. Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians all used garlic to prevent diseases, and in many cultures, garlic was believed to repel evil and vampires.

Today, China grows much of the garlic used worldwide, with India's production on the rise. 90% of garlic grown in the United States is grown in California. That said, garlic is really fun to grow on your own, and the good news is that it's really easy!

Garlic is a bulb, and for each clove of garlic you plant, a new head of garlic will grow.  In New England, planting garlic in the fall enables it to establish its roots, "sleep" during the cold months, and then get an early start at the first signs of spring.

Selecting Garlic

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Garlic Planting Mini-Workshop & Fall Compost Pick-up

Saturday, October 16, 10am-12 Noon
West Cottage Farm, Dorchester
(intersection of Brook Ave & West Cottage St)

Mark your calendars! Come out to our West Cottage farm in Dorchester to celebrate the end of the growing season. At this fall's event, we will offer:
Compost (pick-up only). By adding compost to your garden now, you will have a head start in the spring. 5 container/bag limit per raised bed. $5.00 per person. Please bring your own containers/bags. Limited bags will be available at additional cost.
Local garlic (for sale) for you to plant in your garden this October. Limited availability.
Straw (for sale) for mulching your garlic and raised bed for the winter months.
Questions? Please contact Kathleen at [email protected] or 617-442-1322 ext 12

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