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Dudley Greenhouse invites proposals for community projects

"The Dudley Greenhouse opened its doors in 2011 as a community green space and, during the past 4 years, has served many residents and community groups.

The greenhouse provides space for food production as well as workshops, activities, and other programming that support residents in growing food and sharing cultures and resources. For this upcoming year, we invite proposals from groups and individuals to once again use and share this wonderful community resource.

The greenhouse is a 10,000-square-foot facility in the Dudley neighborhood of Roxbury. Owned by The Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (DSNI), leased by The Food Project, and guided by the Greenhouse Community Advisory Committee, it operates year-round as a food production and educational space.

In half of the space, The Food Project produces tomatoes, greens, and herbs that are sold to local restaurants to generate revenue for greenhouse operation. The remaining area - the "community bay" - is a place for community educational programming through the "Grow Well, Eat Well, Be Well" workshop series and for community groups and individuals to work on various food production projects. Examples of projects from previous years include:

  • A resident growing produce for low-income seniors who helped start the seedlings that were planted in the greenhouse;
  • A new resident grower who coordinates and supports two families newer to the experience of organic growing;
  • A resident who teaches neighborhood children organic and sustainable food growing and healthy eating;
  • Schools that use the gardens as an opportunity to encourage healthy eating habits amongst their students;
  • A resident who uses the experience to “grow” their own teaching skills while guiding new growers;
  • Immigrant and refugee groups that use the greenhouse as a communal gardening and community-building space.

Community greenhouse projects will begin in September 2015 and end in August 2016. We invite proposals from groups and individuals interested in joining with us in our work to help contribute to building a healthier and stronger community. We are particularly interested in proposals from members of the Dudley community. Click here for the  community project proposal application which is August 14. 

The Dudley Greenhouse also provides 8 raised beds for resident seniors and/or residents with physical disabilities for whom the greenhouse provides a more accessible garden space than outdoor gardens. Click here for the proposal application for accessible garden space which is due on August 14.

If you have questions about the applications or greenhouse, stop by the Dudley Greenhouse during open hours:

Mondays 9-12:30
Wednesdays 1-5
Saturdays 9-12:30

or email/call Dudley Greenhouse Manager Danielle Andrews at [email protected] or 617-442-1322 x 13

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