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Enjoying a CSA from the Lincoln farm

Hunter Gates and his family, Shara and Oren, have enjoyed fresh produce from The Food Project for over a decade. We asked him to share why they enjoy coming out to the Baker Bridge farm in Lincoln to pick up their CSA farm share each week.

“I think that we first purchased a CSA share from The Food Project in 2006, although we had been enjoying the bounty since 2003 because a friend worked there. We live in Somerville, so we enjoy getting out of the city for some fresh air. We pick-up our veggies, get a fresh bouquet of flowers and fresh berries when they're in season, see our friends, and have an afternoon of positive physical activity as well as the psycho-emotional high of doing something that we love. 

It is especially important we feel for developing our child's sense of connection to the natural environment.

We love the produce, and love the mission of educating and empowering teens and their families to be more involved in where their food comes from.

If you are considering a CSA share do the farm pick-up option if you can, but support The Food Project any way you can!”

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